There are many people behind the production of Sanderson Shine. However, Kymble Sanderson is the current owner and face of the company since the death of his father Mr. Sanderson that resulted from a police raid of the old factory in the Bronx. For a detailed resume that captures the academic life of Kymble, click below.

KS 2013 Resume.pdf
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Below is an example of the dangerous home-production that civilians have had to resort to due to the recent prohibitions. While I do NOT recommend using this method, it is one of the safest I have seen.


Production of Sanderson Shine is far more complicated than the below video and includes some family trade secrets. This is why I have chosen to demonstrate a home-brew method over our method.



*Note: I do NOT recommend using this method or any other home unit as improper use can and often does lead to explosions and obviously physical injury.



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